“Teenagers know nothing”

25 Apr

“I knew nothing as a teenager” or “Trust me, when you grow up, you’ll realize how stupid you were as a teenager”. Who else has heard one of these sentences? Have you ever said something like this yourself? Well, if you have, allow me to say that I strongly disagree with you.

Now I’m not saying that teenagers are always right. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t bash our past selves that way. Sure, as a teenager, you may have done some pretty embarrassing things, maybe even horrible things you regret, but that doesn’t change the fact that you did it, does it? Let’s be real here, if you hadn’t done it as a teenager, you would’ve have never learned your lesson, and eventually you would have done it anyway – as an adult.

The achievements, the wrongdoings, the friendships, the promises – everything we once committed as children are what shape us as grown-ups. We aren’t documents or 2D characters. We’re complex beings built on, not only a few characteristics, but an entire lifetime of experiences. No matter how silly or “childish”, every action we performed in our lives is a part of us.

Did you carry around a stuffed bear? A hippo? A shark?

Did you have an invisible friend no one could see but you?

Did you try to escape from school? Try to steal your parents’ car?

Worse? Even so, own it!

Disowning all those years of youth isn’t a smart move, it’s just repeating the same mistake all over again: convincing yourself that you know everything, you understand life by now, you “get” how the world works. You may have done that as a teenager, and now, by belittling your teen self, you may be subconsciously replicating the same arrogant thoughts.

The truth is, we’ll never fully understand life, because it’s just as complicated as we are. You, as a person, will never stop growing, will never stop learning. Sure, you may not have been as smart, as a teenager, but if it weren’t for what you were back then, you would never be what you are today. Your current self is a flower that stems out from your former self.

Those years of youth are not something you can idly cross out with a flick of your pen. That naïve child is not a kid you can disown. That reckless teenager is not a prosthetic limb you can detach from yourself at will. That adolescent is a living, breathing human with dreams and not “just a phase”. That child, that teenager, that adolescent…That person was you.

That person is you.



Dubai, the city of skyscrapers!

17 Feb

During my winter break, I traveled to Dubai, the magical city of skyscrapers, for one week. As a result of this vacation, I have concluded that Dubai is, in fact, a city snatched from the future and thrown into our century to set an example for the world. This example screams, “Humans are capable of a lot more than you can imagine.” This city does not only aim to touch the sky – it aims to conquer it.

Walking through the streets of Dubai made me feel extra short than usual, and that, of course, is thanks to all the enormous buildings. Did I mention I nearly broke my neck trying to catch a glimpse of Burj Khalifah as a whole? It’s certainly worth seeing, though, especially at nighttime, when the aforementioned tower glows like a Christmas tree and the fountains nearby dance with glee.

Despite its complexity, it’s not too hard to travel around Dubai when you make the right choice. We always made the correct choice and went by metro. The little train was always fun to ride. Not to mention it saved us from crawling for hours through grueling traffic. If you ever happen to lose your way in Dubai, make sure you gallop over to the first metro station you spot!

What I personally loved the most about Dubai was the breath-taking bookstore I entered called Kinokuniya. The moment I stepped into it I was instantly swallowed by the maze of books. The ravishing covers
sucked me in and the infinite amount of striking spines captured my eyes and heart. It was no bookstore – it was paradise!

I must have spent at least three hours in that place, and that wasn’t nearly enough for me. I’m sure my mother had to pry my fingers off the shelves and drag me by the hair. I wanted more than anything to set up a tent in that store and camp for the night. There was so much to see! The next time I travel to Dubai, I know this is the first place I’ll be running to.

My vacation in Dubai was an unforgettable experience. Sparkling sea water reflecting the colossal edifices – that’s an image that will forever be stapled in my mind. And you, my dear reader, need to go and see it for yourself if you get the chance.

Just try not to snap your neck if you pass by Burj Khalifah.



The Fray of Werebirds on Wattpad

18 May

I hope you can check out my adventure and romance story on Wattpad


Do you prefer?

6 Aug

Daily Vlogs, Every Day In Summer

12 Jun

Inspired by EveryDayVlogger http://www.youtube.com/user/EveryDayVlogger who vlogs everyday, I have decided that I’m gonna be vlogging every single day for the whole summer holiday of 2013. Yes, a daily vlog. Why? Because summer is one of the best times in the year! It’s when all the fun happens, and it’s not wrong to share that holiday fun in my life with YouTube, or even with the Internet! Am I right? Besides, I love vlogging, and it would be my pleasure to do it every day for my viewer’s entertainment! I know I’m gonna be able to do it. So please join me on my EPIC summer journey. The vlogs will start sometime in the middle of June, which is really close.  For more information about this, watch this video:


Finally, please subscribe to BarknoorZ http://www.youtube.com/BarknoorZ where I’m gonna be posting the vlogs.

VEDA: Vlog Every Day April

31 Mar

VEDA, standing for Vlog Every Day in April, means to make a vlog (either on YouTube or any other website) every single day in the month of April. Yes, quite challenging, especially for those people who have never tried vlogging before, or those who want to give it a try for the very first time, like me!

I have vlogged several times before, so I’m not really new to the concept of vlogging. Neither am I new to the idea of uploading a video every day. For once tried to make a video every day of my dog, which went pretty well and I kept it going for about two months. Though the only reason it was easy to do was because all I had to do was sit back and film my dog do all kinds of stuff, without having to do any talking much unless if I wanted to put in a funny comment every now and then. But right now, I can’t just rely on my pets do the entertainment for me because when vlogging, I’ve got to be the one speaking every day on a different topic.

It might be hard, but I’ll do my best to achieve this. I’ve always been lazy in my life about different stuff, like doing homework, or chores and so on. But when it comes to YouTube, or just making videos in general, I know I can do it because it’s the thing I really want to do.

So good luck to everyone who wants to participate in VEDA this year! It starts tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited. You can check out the links of my main channel (where I usually upload my videos) and my back-up channel (where I will be uploading the VEDA vlogs) below. You can send me a personal message if you like, and maybe we’ll box4box? Good luck once again!

Main channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Barknoor

Back-up channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BarknoorZ

My Dog, Kenz (From: Daily Life of a Dog)

26 Jan

Just wanted to have a posted picture of him here in hope he might appear on Google images, and here’s a YouTube channel with many videos of him:

http://www.youtube.com/user/weirdoxygen  Kenz Kenz Kenz

Milky Way Experience

23 Oct

Have you ever tasted Milky Way? It’s true that it’s got something to do with space, but it is also a mouth-watering type of chocolate. I, personally, have had a wonderful experience eating Milky Way for the very first time.

I was standing in the middle of the kitchen in our old house that day, right in front of the big, silver refrigerator. A cold breeze escaped as I pulled its door open. I saw the new chocolate my mom had bought sitting above all the others, wrapped in bright blue, waiting for someone to grab it.

It was calling out to me, calling out my name, begging me to be the one to eat it. I took it without hesitation, saving it from the freezing environment it lived in over the night. Slowly, I unwrapped it, ripping the company’s printed name on the front in half and at the same time revealing the breath-taking brown surface of what I was about to eat.

I took a bite. My teeth dug into the chocolate as its delicious, sweet taste spread into my mouth. It was soft, chewy, and full of milk. I enjoyed that lovely moment as my back teeth crushed the treat and mashed it until it was no longer chewable. After I swallowed the first bite, I couldn’t resist but take another bite, then another, and another. Finally, my precious treasure was gone, nowhere to be seen. It had vanished in a matter of seconds, leaving nothing but the empty wrap in my hands, and the sweet flavor on my lips.

That Milky Way experience was one of my best. I still eat it nowadays since I had loved it from the very first sight. I do recommend everyone to give this chocolate a try for it had really taken me on a trip to space.

Mount Everest Poem

7 Oct

A poem I wrote in 5th grade

Mount Everest

The tallest mountain

Like a snow fountain

From millions of years old

It is freezing cold

Like a fridge with no mold

Everest, the maze of death

You might lose your breath

While the Himalayas are surrounding it

Who is so brave

To be Everest’s slave

The Most Important Thing In My Life

25 Sep

The most important thing in my life is more of a person than a thing. I’ve known her for two years now, and I’m ready to do just about anything for her.

Natasha is really pretty. She’s got deep black eyes, bright orange cheeks, and a hard but sharp beak. Her feathers are smooth and colorful, always neat and tidy. Her feet are small but can hold on to almost anything. What I like the most about her is her smell. A very good and rare smell, so good that I can’t find the correct words to describe it.

Enough now of physical features, there are some other important things about her. For example, she has a strong personality, one that can scare just anyone, although she’s scared of her own reflection in the mirror. Most of the time, Natasha is an angry and grumpy bird like the rest of her breed, but when it comes to grooming her dusty feathers, she is the most delicate bird.

Just about every feature in her, whether good or bad (not to mention how loud she whistles early in the morning), makes me like her so much that I believe she’s one of the most precious I’ve got. Even if she sometimes does things like do her business on my clothes, or bite my finger for no reason at all, or eat up school papers just like on the top right of this page, she’ll always be the best bird alarm clock in the mornings!ImageMo